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Maintaining the highest ethical, social and environmental standards

Since DAEMS GIOVANNI was founded, we have prided ourselves on maintaining the highest ethical, social and environmental standards. 

We recognise the need for a sustainable and respectful jewellery industry and fully intend to contribute to this through our ongoing efforts.

Daems Giovanni BV has been successfully certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council. Adoption and adherence with the RJC’s Code of Practices presents a pathway for Daems Giovanni BV to address sustainability best practices and align with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. RJC is a gateway to sustainable growth.

Our next goal is certification according to the RJC Chain of Custody (CoC). This ensures even higher standards for the maintenance of and compliance with human rights, working conditions, environmental impact and ethical business practices along the entire supply chain.

You can download our certificate here.

For further information:

We are committed to operating our business responsibly, respecting and protecting the natural world, and demonstrating honesty, integrity and fairness in all our dealings with our employees, suppliers and clients.

Read our Responsible business policy

In striving to maintain the highest ethical standards, we recognise the need for constant vigilance when sourcing raw materials from conflict-affected areas and areas at risk for human rights abuses.

Together with the actors in our supply chains, we engage to identify, mitigate and address any risks that are identified in those supply chains.

Read our Supply chain policy

At DAEMS GIOVANNI, we only use ethically-sourced materials that are free from conflict and exploitation. Detailed information about the materials we use, including their traceability, can be requested via email to

As a Belgian-based, Belgian-owned company that is a global leader in its field, our roots are very important to us. We are therefore committed to ensuring that our local natural environment and biodiversity are protected and nurtured.

Should you have questions about any of our sustainability efforts and policies, you can contact us at


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