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Discover the 7 benefits of putting our unique combination of man and machine to work for your business

When you choose to become a partner of DAEMS GIOVANNI, you gain far more than the benefits of working with a reliable, experienced supplier of superior quality jewellery and watches. You access unrivalled levels of skill, knowledge, efficiency, precision, and repeatability – all delivered by a uniquely powerful blend of traditional expertise and technological innovation.

Our craftsmen, operators and engineers are highly trained to work to the highest levels of precision. Our exclusive technology, meanwhile, checks every aspect of every component with 100% accuracy. The combination guarantees perfect quality time after time, whether for a unique one-off piece or a run of thousands.

Our proprietary technology is quite simply unequalled. By automating the jewellery-making processes, we deliver the same standards of excellence achieved by master craftsmen, but with far, far greater levels of repeatability, consistency and precision. Yet this never, ever comes at the expense of aesthetics.

We are the only manufacturing partner in the world able to offer automated diamond setting with results completely indistinguishable from those of its human counterpart.

Our patented applications for setting, polishing and quality control are proven to save huge amounts of time and resources for both wholesalers and retailers alike.

Our long and hugely varied experience, meanwhile, allows us to recommend the most efficient and cost effective production techniques for every specific order.

Confidentiality is one of the pillars of our industry – and DAEMS GIOVANNI is no different. With all processes based in our own European workshop, we can ensure that your intellectual property remains protected at all times.

DAEMS GIOVANNI R&D is driven by the quest for ever-greater levels of efficiency and we are continually developing and improving existing production techniques. We can even advise wholesalers and retailers on enhancing their existing facilities and exploiting economies of scale.

No piece is too big or too small: DAEMS GIOVANNI makes any idea possible. Our applications are designed to work with every conceivable metal used in the watch and jewellery sector, as well as offer the capability to set any size of diamond between 0,55mm and 6mm. Once a product has been fully developed, the data is stored in a confidential client portfolio allowing us to quickly produce more items on demand. This enables wholesale clients to work with the ‘just in time’ principle and avoid excessive stock.

We are proud of our impeccable ethics across the board. Our workshop is based just outside Antwerp, Belgium. And every part of the production process takes place in a high quality working environment using only ethically-sourced materials free from conflict and exploitation.

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fully customizable earclasps

fully customizable earclasps