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Our craftsmanship

Step inside a centre of excellence for traditional jewellery making

DAEMS GIOVANNI is a highly specialised and vastly experienced supplier to the jewellery and watch industry. When your reputation depends on the very highest of standards, we understand there is no room for the slightest error. So we combine inspired creativity and unsurpassed skill with a relentless focus on quality from inspired start to perfect finish.

Every individual piece starts as a rough sketch. Once accepted by our in-house design team, the sketch is developed into a detailed colour drawing on chalkboard paper.

This painting, an art in itself, is then transformed into a technical drawing complete with the full specifications required to create a true masterpiece.

Next, our craftsmen plan the optimal way to bring the concept to life. The jeweller will create the mount by shaping different components that fit perfectly together, a process that is all about craftsmanship. Everything is created directly from the metal: no lost wax techniques and no casting.

The essence of smithing is teamwork: the goldsmith and diamond setter work closely throughout to make sure the mounting is set to the very highest standard to achieve a perfectly balanced aesthetic.

Diamond setting remains a true craft for DAEMS GIOVANNI – and encompasses far, far more than simply securing precious stones into jewellery. It takes a huge amount of time and effort to create the perfect balance: displaying the full beauty of gemstones, holding them securely in place, and using the minimum amount of metal. Our highly experienced setters have the expertise to set every stone perfectly, regardless of size. Along with our advanced patented technology, it is this unrivalled level of human skill that distinguishes our work from that of our competitors.

At each stage of the assembly process, the various components of the mounting are pre-polished to bring maximum shine to every visible surface. Once all pieces are united and the mounting is set and finished to the finest detail, the rare skills of our jewellery polisher create the unique, perfect brilliance that is the signature of a Daems masterpiece.

Quality control sits at the heart of everything we do. Our strict ‘no compromise’ policy ensures that every piece is microscopically checked at each stage. Any rare anomaly must be corrected by the relevant craftsman before the piece can continue its journey.

Portfolio | 100% Handmade

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This exceptional piece of jewellery is handmade in two layers and holds a mixture of diamonds, sapphires and amethysts in various sizes. Its intricate design features exquisite craftsmanship and highly detailed micro pavé. Crafted in white gold, this unique ring is set with 250 white diamonds, 192 blue sapphires and 31 amethysts.


This classic, though intricate, solitaire ring is set with a 3.47 carat white emerald diamond, accompanied by 2 half moon diamonds (0.70 carat each) and detailed with 20 micro pavé diamonds. All prongs are filed to perfection both under and over the centre stone. Each detail on this ring is delicately executed without losing the necessary strength. Every effort was focused on just one objective: the creation of a fine, elegant and yet wearable mounting. This is not just a ring, but a real jewel.


The Evi earrings speak for themselves, displaying a full 25,70ct of top grade white diamonds set in 18k white gold with incredible precision. As with all DAEMS GIOVANNI earrings, they are designed to be as lightweight as possible for comfort and remain fixed in place by the most secure locking system available..


A stunning one-off created from a 65,70ct boulder opal and 1281 assorted gemstones: white diamonds, blue sapphires, yellow and orange sapphires, amethysts, tsavorites, iolites, blue tourmalines, green and pink tourmalines all precisely set in 18k white gold. The Dragonfly is a true work of art and a breathtaking example of our bespoke jewellery capabilities.


These painted enamel set earrings with 317 white diamonds are finished in 18k white gold. Designed to wear as well as admire, the Grisaille earrings are lightweight and extremely comfortable, while the highly secure clasping system ensures they stay firmly fixed in place.


The detailed craftsmanship of this exceptional ring is a reference for our superior finishing standards. The piece has been delicately crafted so as not to lose the necessary strength for daily wear. Diamonds and gemstones are set using a minimum of metal. In addition, a combination of black and white rhodium plating brings an extra accent to the vibrant colour of this 5.20 carat spinel.


Refined and elegant workmanship, setting and polishing complement this 4 carat vivid yellow diamond, beautifully demonstrating the skills of our craftsmen. Combined with the use of superior quality diamonds, the result is a stunning masterpiece.


This bracelet is made 100% by hand for GUINNOT BV (Belgium), with each basket reflecting the individual shape of the diamond it holds. A tiny border of small diamonds accentuates the centre stone to bring out the beauty of its natural colour. All linked together in a playful yet secure way, with a double security locking system ensuring everything stays perfectly in place..

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